Imelda Romero joined QMAI in November 2020 as an intern. She develops computationally efficient quantum parameter estimation methods using reinforcement learning. Imelda did her undergraduate studies at the university of Fribourg and her masters at ETH Zürich.

Luca Rüegg is a visiting student at QMAI since September 2020. He is investigating properties of various brading groups and their relation to topological quantum computing. Luca is currently in the last semester of Physics masters program at ETH Zürich.

Arash Ahmadi is joining QMAI as a PhD candidate in February 2021. His research project concerns study of condensed matter systems using tools from quantum information and artifical intelligence. Arash obtained his BSc and MSc from the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences in Iran.

Guliuxin Jin is joining QMAI as a PhD candidate in January 2021. Her research concerns efficient parameter estimation in large scale quantum systems and topological materials. Jin obtained her masters degree from ETH Zürich.

Achmed Marif is joining QMAI as a master student in February 2021. He will work on automation of quantum devices using machine learning. Achmed obtained his BSc and is currently in his last semester of his masters also in Applied physics at the TU Delft.

Isidora Araya is joining QMAI for a master's Casimir rotation intership in March 2021. She will work on the detection of measurement induced phase transitions using neural networks. Isidora obtained her BSc in Physics at University of Chile and she is currently a MSc Applied Physics student at TU Delft.