Eliška Greplová



Talks & Teaching


I am a physicist interested in quantum devices, artificial intelligence and topology in condensed matter physics.

I am leading Quantum Matter and AI (QMAI) group at Kavli Institute of Nanoscience (TU Delft). Get to know the rest of our team here and to learn more about the boundary crossing research that my group is doing visit this page.

We are always looking for motivated scientists to join our team - if you are interested get in touch via email: e.greplova@tudelft.nl.


  • 12/2022 We received NWO Quantum Delta funding!

  • 11/2022 Together with other EU institutions we kicked off Quantum Flagship project IGNITE!

  • 10/2022 Machine Learning for Quantum Experiments course is live!

  • 09/2022 new PhD student Tanko Tanev!

  • 08/2022 Eliska's lectures and notebooks for Topological Matter School now online

  • 07/2022 very cool collaboration with Basel University on NN-assisted reconstruction of magnetization maps on arXiv!

  • 05/2022 Jin's second PhD paper out on arXiv! We show how to engineer superconducting circuits using symmetries that protect enntanglement in a topological way,

  • 05/2022 Arash's first PhD paper out on arXiv! We show exciting connection between specific correlators in quantum circuits and quantum resources of the resulting state.

  • 04/2022 Book of lecture notes from Warsaw Machine Learning School is now on arXiv

  • 03/2022 Our new optimizer for recontructing Hamiltonians of bilayer graphene quantum dots is now on arXiv!

  • 02/2022 Our Hamiltonian learning for large scale quantum systems (and Jin's first PhD paper) now published in Physical Review A

  • 02/2022 Our interpretable neural network quantum states now published in Physical Review Research

  • 12/2021 Eliska receives NWO grant VENI

  • 12/2021 QMAI is joining Dutch Quantum Cloud computer Quantum Inspire